Today´s quiz

i = 0;

i = i++;

System.out.println("i= " +i);

What do you think is the output?


6 Responses to “Today´s quiz”

  1. Sunil Gupta Says:

    Well, It’s simple


  2. Shekhar Says:

    the answer is 0….

  3. Christian Says:

    The Output should be i = 0.
    But only when you use int i = 0 or a other equiv. primitve datatyp.

  4. Andreas Says:

    The Output is a compile error. With int i=0; instead of i=0; the output will be 0.

  5. SOULROSE Says:

    i = 0

    effects a java.lang.Error:

    i cannot be resolved

    make it:

    int i = 0 ————-> RESULT 0

    byte i = 0 ———–> RESULT 0

    double i = 0 ———> RESULT 0.0

  6. matildemarquez1477 Says:

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